Beards, Beer and BBQ's

The sun is shining, the beer is flowing and the BBQ's are all fired up! Summertime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. And as most bearded fellows could attest, it's also a constant battle to keep food and beverages out of your beard and moustache!

Typically I've shaved my beard off completely, or trimmed it down significantly come summer time. Part of the reason I did this before was because of the itchiness of my beard. However, since the fall I have been using either beard oil or balm and it has helped immensely. So now that I have a fuller beard for the summer, I've been trying out different methods for best keeping food out of my facial hair. There is nothing attractive about having chunks of food left in there. 

You may have your own tips and tricks. But from what I've tried myself, and read about, here are a few pointers for keeping that beard and moustache as clean as possible without sacrificing your food and beverage choices. 

  1. Apply wax to the moustache hair to curl it up and away from your lip. I always hated growing out my moustache because the hair would cover my lip and it felt gross to me licking/eating hair all the time. Never mind the food and beverage remnants that will inevitably make their new home in your moustache. Since applying wax to my moustache daily, and shaping it with both my fingers and a comb, it's started to naturally follow that growth pattern. Often times before eating, I use my fingers to brush any hair away from my lips. Or bust out my trusty pocket comb! If you don't have either of these you can purchase them from our site. 
  2. Take smaller bites! I know it's hard to do with a big juicy burger, or a steaming hot slice of pizza. However, taking smaller bites (and opening your mouth a little wider) ensures the food avoids the ever encroaching beard and moustache hairs. 
  3. Use your utensils. When possible, cut your food into smaller portions before loading it onto your fork. Yeah it might be hard to take this extra step when you're starved and wanting to inhale your food. But with something like spaghetti, twirling the noodles tighter on your fork will make it easier to eat while avoiding a dangling noodle from making its home in your beard. I've got flak for this one, but I even sometimes cut my pizza pops with a fork and knife to help avoid cheese from getting all in my facial hair!  
  4. Use alternative serving dishes if available. A summer favourite is ice cream. You can imagine this has the potential to be a sticky mess with a moustache and beard. Depending on the type of ice cream you're getting, you may want to use alternative methods to consume this treat! For example, if getting soft serve ice cream, substitute the cone and get your ice cream served in a cup. 
  5. Keep drinks out of the beard. There are multiple options for this one. If drinking fountain pop in a restaurant, use the straw provided, or ask for one (this will make your beverage consumption a breeze). When drinking beer, drinking from a can or bottle are the easiest options. I get it though, there's something so satisfying about drinking your beer from a nice cold pint glass! A method i've found that works for this is to place the bottle more so on your bottom lip, vs your top lip. Drinking with your top lip usually results in beer foam and beer saturating your moustache. Drinking from your bottom lip may feel strange at first, but once you get this technique down it will become a breeze. 

Whatever your preferred methods, developing some techniques and strategies that work for you will help keep your facial hair clean and allow you to fully enjoy all you favourite summertime food and drinks! And if nothing else, just wait until you get home and wash your facial hair with one of our various beard wash/soaps. Happy eating and drinking, and have a great summer!