Bringing it back to the basics

When I first started shaving I was all about the electric razor, this thing could do it all! Then in college I went to Morocco and got a hot towel shave at the barber shop! Wow, did that ever feel fantastic!! Sure my face was hacked up a bit (this was the first time I ever had anything but an electric razor cut the hair off, so it was quite sensitive), but regardless it felt superb! When I got back home to Canada I started using a disposable razor. I still kept my electric razor around for trimming up my beard, but using shaving cream and the disposable razor was my new routine! 

 A few years ago I saw an ad online for the Dollar Shave Club. This seemed amazing at first. You have three levels of cartridge razors to choose from, and once you buy the razor you subscribe to a monthly blade shipment. This was super handy as you pay around $8 a month for a steady stream of blades! Not really cheaper than going out and buying cartridges from the store, but it was super convenient. 

Now I don't recall exactly the moment my interest peaked in the whole world of safety razors, but in any case this was a game changer for me! I scoped out the market for awhile before finally getting a double edged (DE) safety razor. The initial cost was more; the razor I chose was the Merkur 23C which I carry in my store. You can get the blades in bulk which works out to an exceptional deal ( roughly $0.15-20 per blade)! Even a smaller pack of 5 blades averages out to about $0.40 per blade. And I usually get a week out of a blade (for sure if i'm just shaving my neck). If I'm shaving my whole face than I still wouldn't use more than 2 blades a week! Going with the disposable razors from Dollar Shave Club, if I went through the cheapest pack of blades they sent out monthly it would work out to $42 a year ($3.50 monthly). If you got for example the 100 pack of Derby blades for $20 from my site, and even went through 2 blades a week that pack would last you almost a year (short 2 weeks) . That works out to about $1.67 a month on blades. 

Over the past year I have grown to love the integration of the classic shave into my morning (or evening) routine. First I lay out my shaving towel over the edge of the countertop, then I splash some hot water on my neck, next I use my boar brush to whip up a nice soap lather inside my shaving mug. Then I shave my neck with extreme care, alternating between the two sides of the blade. After I'm done shaving I splash more hot water on my neck and then proceed to dry it off. I then rub some aftershave lotion onto my neck. As of recently, I now also put a few drops of beard oil into my hands and massage it into my beard. I do this a couple of times to work it through all the hair. Last, but not least, I use my beard comb to evenly distribute the oil, and to get a nice even placement of the hairs! 

This obviously takes more time than with a simple electric shaver, but man does it ever feel nice! Plus it makes a guy feel a little more manly doing it this way too...and there's nothing wrong with that!