The Basics & Benefits of Shaving Brushes

I was recently reading a blog titled 6 Shaving Brush Mistakes to Avoid by Shave Valet out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There were a couple great tips I want to touch on, plus I thought I'd talk a little bit about some of the basics of shaving brushes as well. 

First the article talks about how some people do not clean their brushes after each use. The only time I've left a brush loaded with soap was to help break in a boar brush, and to help combat the initial boar hair smell. It's best to rinse out the soap as to prevent soap build up in the brush. People sometimes feel it's a waste to rinse that soap out. But if you're like me, you load up a brush and whip up the lather in a separate bowl. This uses minimal soap, and I find much less is wasted than if you were to use your hands or a canned cream for lather. 

Another main point in the article was the importance of drying your brush. The brushes are meant to retain water, especially with animal hair brushes (synthetic fibre brushes don't retain as much water and are therefore a great quick drying, and animal friendly, option). This is why a brush stand is very useful. Hanging the brush upside down keeps the water away from the knot. If water stays there it can damage the knot and therefore this helps avoid early breakdown of the brush. Click here to check out our custom nylon brush for purchase. And use code blog10 for a %10 discount. 

 Now that I've talked about a couple of the upkeep tips for a brush, let's quickly touch on some of the types of brushes to help you decide what type to get .

The most expensive kind, and top of the line is Silvertip badger hair brushes. These are the softest and most luxurious of shaving brushes, and great for sensitive skin. They are extremely soft on your skin and will last many years in your shaving den. 

Second in line is the Best Badger shaving brushes. The hair is stiffer and is therefore great for those who also want to exfoliate their skin. These would be better than Silvertip if you prefer using a soap vs a cream for their stiffer bristles. 

The badger hair type that seems to be the most common is the Pure Badger hair brush. The hair is rougher than the Silvertip or Best Badger which makes it a great option for making an excellent lather with shaving soap and exfoliating the skin. 

 Perhaps the stiffest of the shaving brushes, the Boar Hair brush is a fantastic brush for creating an excellent lather with shaving soaps. The stuff bristles, like the Pure Badger brush, help exfoliate the skin and also raises the facial hair up getting the skin in ideal condition for shaving. 

An excellent type of brush which is becoming very popular in the wet shaving community is Synthetic Brushes. A big appeal to them is the fact that they are free from animal hair and are therefore vegan approved. They are on par with the Silvertip badger brushes in terms on softness. They are also highly comparable to the best badger brushes in terms of labering capabilities. Another perk is that due to the lack of animal hair they dry much quicker, which makes them a popular option for a travel brush as well. 

There is lots of information out there on shaving brushes. I personally think they're a crucial part to your shaving routine, and think they are a must have item in your shaving den. While you're at it, why not pick up a shaving brush stand from our website and help protect your investment. Happy shaving everyone!