Why Urbane Shave Co?

For years I had wanted to find some sort of a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that sold mens products. So many people I knew (mainly women) were involved in companies like avon, pampered chef, younique, rodan & fields, etc... I thought it would be cool if I could find something like this that was geared towards mens products; but I wasn't having much luck. One day I just sat down and thought "why don't I just start my own company?" I started looking up ecommerce sites, business licences, wholesalers for products, etc...It seemed a bit daunting but I decided to just go for it! What should I name the company? Where do I find a wholesaler? What platform should I use to run my online store? There were so many questions but I just dove in head first and figured it out as I went. 

So why the name Urbane Shave Co? Theres something about the whole process of a classic shave that I find refined in nature. It reminds me of how our grandfathers used to shave. Sometimes the things of old aren't a bad thing; sometimes they have a classic feel to them which can be a refreshing break from the ordinary. Urbane; I honestly searched up the word suave and found the synonym Urbane which means suave, courteous and refined in manner. Perfect! 

I find the whole process of a nice wet shave to be a break from the fast pace of life. We set aside the electric razor for a moment, and enjoy the time it takes to prep for and execute the perfect shave. While I can't convince some people, YET, I really do feel it's a mini spa experience when I do it. 

I want to share my love and passion for shaving with others. And as I started to build the company, this also grew into a passion for other mens care products. 

It wasn't until after I launched the company, and did my research, that I found many local artisans to go into business with. When I first started, I thought I was pretty much limited to the one wholesaler I initially signed up with. Through research I've now connected with three different Airdrie companies (Lambs Soapworks, Washboard Soapery & Such and Mountain Peak Bath & Body), as well as one Calgary company (The Beehive). I have access to several other Calgary companies, but for now have tried focusing primarily on the extreme talent nestled away in the smaller city of Airdrie. Since going into business with these local companies, I have discovered so many fantastic natural body care products (many of which I have sampled myself). 

It's convenient to just toss a bar of Old Spice deodorant into your grocery cart at Walmart, or some Axe Body Wash, or a commercial bottle of Shampoo/Conditioner. However, since trying these natural/local products out I completely feel it is a worthwhile investment. Not only are these products safer to put on your body, but you're also supporting the smaller local artisans. Plus these products work great :) 

Recently I had my first custom Safety Razor made. The sample was fantastic so I placed a bulk order. Now I will be receiving a couple of sample Straight Razors, and if these are as good as the Safety Razor, I'm sure I will be placing a bulk order for one or both of these as well. Being able to get these custom made razors straight from the manufacturer allows me to sell them for a great price! 

Between the main wholesaler for the company, all the extremely talented local artisans, and the manufacturer for my custom products I have had the privilege of being able to add a wide variety of high quality items for great prices! 

Urbane Shave Co has grown into something I've become extremely passionate about. I love that I have the opportunity to bring to the spotlight so many wonderful local products, and that I'm able to make custom products for my customers to enjoy! Yes I loved the shaving aspect when I started this company, but I was never big into the all natural products...simply because I never gave them a try! Having now tried them I love them. I love supporting the small companies, and I love knowing that the products I'm using daily are not harmful for my body. I want others to also discover how wonderful these products are, I want others to also become passionate about the classic shave, and I want men to learn to enjoy these great products that are a part of their daily routine. Urbane Shave Co isn't just a job, or a hobby, it's a passion!